How to Install a Wall Mounted Showerhead

Sometimes your shower head may not be enough. A new wall-mounted shower head is easy to install with a few basic tools and some effort. Turn off the water supply to prepare for the installation. The old shower head should be removed. Seal the threads with Teflon tape, and then screw the new one on. You can find the perfect shower head online by searching for it and prioritizing metals like brass and chrome.

Get your supplies ready:

If necessary, the shower arm that connects to the head can be removed from the wall. Although most shower heads can be purchased separately, both the arms and the shower head can be purchased at a hardware shop.

Pipe wrench

Thread seal tape (Teflon)

Towels (at minimum 2)

Check that the faucet is turned off

It may seem obvious but make sure that the shower faucet is turned off completely. You don’t need to turn off the water valve; water will not flow to the showerhead as long as it isn’t turned off.

Prepare your work area

The drain from your shower should be closed. This will stop any hardware or fasteners that have been dropped down the drain from getting lost. To ensure that any debris that falls onto the drain doesn’t bounce off of the tub or floor, lay a towel on top.

If you do not wish to remove the shower arm,

It is not necessary to remove the shower arm in order to install a wall-mounted head. In some cases, however, the original shower arm may not be compatible with changes in bathroom decor or might just be time to upgrade. To take out the shower arm.

Turn the shower arm counterclockwise with your naked hands. Spray WD-40 on the threaded connection to remove rust. Let it rest for a while before you loosen it. If the shower arm is refusing to turn manually, you can use an adjustable wrench or pipe wrench. You can force the arm to move by applying a steady, moderate, and counterclockwise force until it is free.

Turn the shower arm clockwise to insert the new one. You should replace the trim ring, also known as an escutcheon, if you are replacing the shower arm. It’s secured with caulk but you can still slip it off.

Take out the shower head

Wrap a towel around the base where the arm meets the wall if you intend to keep your existing shower arm. To protect the arm, grab the wrench at the point where the arm meets the wall. The wrench can be used to hold the arm in place. Next, use your hand to unscrew the head counterclockwise. To protect the finish of shower heads that are stubborn, wrap the head with a clean cloth. Use a wrench, pair or channel locks to grip the head and gently turn it until it comes free.

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