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How to send files using Google’s AirDrop and Nearby Share on Android Phones

Nearby Share is Google’s version AirDrop. This allows Android phone owners to share photos, videos and other files with other owners.

Although iPhone users have enjoyed AirDrop for years, Google has only recently created an Android counterpart in 2020.

Nearby Share was introduced by the search engine giant last June 2020. It is not yet available to all Android users.

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How Google’s AirDrop works on Android

Wired reports that the NearbyShare of Google supports millions mobile devices. It’s available on all Android phones, from 6.0 to the most recent Android 13.

The news outlet stated that smartphones purchased after 2015 are more likely to support Nearby Share.

Nearby Share is supported by the Android 12 currently in use, and the Android 13 option.

This feature allows Android users to send files or photos to other phones that are near them. Wired reports that the feature uses a variety of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Hotspot, Bluetooth and WebRTC.

According to the media outlet, Nearby Share works for Android phones up to six feet away.

How to turn on nearby share

Nearby Share must be enabled before you can use it. This is similar to how Apple Airdrop works with iPhones.

To do this, go to the Settings menu of your phone. Next, select “Device Connections” and then look for “Nearby Share.”

You can toggle the Nearby Share option from there. Your phone may ask you to select your device name or visibility before it turns on. You can choose to have your phone visible only to all of your contacts, or “Some Contacts” and “Hidden”. This allows you to remain invisible to other devices but can still be detected by them when you need to send files. How to Send Files using Nearby Share

Here’s how you can send files, photos, and videos using Nearby Share on Android.

Tap the share button next to the file or image you wish to share.

Next, click on the Nearby Share icon. It has two lines that are twisted.

After you have done this, select the person to whom it is addressed.

Once the other person accepts, it will begin sharing.

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