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Nail Care Guide – How to have natural long nails

Although it may sound extreme, having short nails and seeing them break is really heartbreaking. Although we now have extensions that can guarantee this dream, many people still long for natural length nails.

Natural long nails can be difficult and time-consuming. However, just like we find ways to strengthen our hair, so that it grows stronger, we can also do the same with our nails. While it may be necessary to consult a doctor in certain cases, you can still use these tips to help strengthen your nails and make natural long nails a reality.

Treatment serum

A weak nail can be a reason you are unable to reach your long nails. Therefore, it is advisable that you invest in a strengthening product. Keratin is the most important ingredient in these products. It’s the one we all talk about when it comes to hair care. These cosmetics can help improve the health of your nails by preventing breakage and strengthening them.

Cuticle oil

They must be healthy to have long nails. They must be well hydrated in order to keep them healthy. Cuticle oils can be used to hydrate both the root and cuticles of your nails. You can either buy the product or invest in jojoba oils, which will do the same job as the original.

Always keep your home clean and dry

Keep your nails clean and dry. Constant contact with water can lead to infections that will affect the growth of your nails. Make sure you dry your nails before applying gloves or going about your day.

Sanding requires attention

To curve your nails, first choose the best nail scissors . Next comes the step of sanding. You can make them stronger and break faster depending on how you sand them. Paddled files are recommended by professionals as they are more flexible and soften to your nails. You can file your nails by going to the tip section.

Nail polish remover

Acetone can be very aggressive on nails, particularly fragile ones. It can dry, peel, and flake off the ones we care about so much. When choosing how do I remove nail polish, choose the most delicate products that don’t contain this ingredient.

Diet is important

Variety is good for your nails and overall health. You should eat lots of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. Biotin-rich foods are great for nails weakening due to breakage.

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