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How much does skewer number 3 cost? How to play lottery easily and win every day

How much does skewer 3 eat? How to play 3-way parlay, easy to win? This is a method of playing lottery with a high winning rate and huge winning bonuses. That’s the reason why many people choose 3-way lottery as their playing spot to participate in every day. The article below will summarize information about this way of playing and give the most accurate instructions for playing 3-way parlay.
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What is cross lotteries?

Playing cross lottery is a method that is not much different from the regular lottery format. Instead of choosing 1 number to play, this way of playing will choose 2, 3 or cross 4. Parcel lottery has many different ways to play and the way to calculate money for this way of playing will also change. Normally, the more numbers your bet has, the higher the odds of winning the bet.

For example: You bet 3: 45-67-91 XSMB. You will check the lottery results and receive a prize if all 3 numbers appear in the 27 prizes (Judging from the special prize).

When you play parlay, the probability of winning is 27% because from 00 to 99 there will be 27 numbers that match the result. In case identical numbers appear, the probability is only 23.76%.

How much does skewer number 3 cost?

With today’s skew lottery genres, 3-way parlay is almost the highest way to play parlay. Therefore, how much does a 3-way bet win? is a question that is asked a lot by lottery players. To answer this problem, we will explain how much a 3-way bet pays as follows.

The odds of 3 to win in the North of XSKT are 1 to 40. This ratio will bring quite a high amount of money. For example, each pair you buy is 10K, your chance of winning is 400K. In addition, the northern 3-way lot according to the bookmakers has a higher rate – 1 to 76.

If you take the time to research, there are some bookmakers that also offer much higher 3-way lottery payout rates. The amount of 3 skewers won is not fixed, the answer depends on the address you choose.

Calculate the probability of playing a standard 3-way lottery

Probability is the odds of getting a cross. Because the 3-way cross has many numbers, the calculation method is quite complicated. There are 3 cases: A means no children, B means 1 child, C means exactly 2 children.

  • Formula to calculate failure: A+B+C= (0.97^27) + (3 x 0.2376 x 0.98^27) + (3 x 0.058 x 0.99^27) = 0.9851 ~ 98.51%.
  • Calculate the 3-way or return number: 100% – 98.51% = 1.49%.

The winning rate of 3 pairs of skewers or return is 1.49%. Surely you will see that the winning rate of this way of playing is very low. That’s why few people choose cross lottery if you don’t have an effective prediction strategy.

Steps to play 3-way lottery at the lottery house

Step 1: Choose 3 lotteries that you want to bet on.

Step 2: You access the lottery house and register for the 3 lottery numbers you registered. For example, 25 – 38 – 97 in the Northern lottery. After successfully registering, you just need to wait until the results come out.

Step 3: Monitor the XSMB results and if those 3 numbers come out among the 27 results that day, you will win the lottery. If you bet 50K, the money you receive is 50K x 40 = 2,000K.

Tips to increase your odds of winning the lottery 3

After finding out how much you win on a 3-way cross, here are some tips for you to increase your odds when playing a 3-way cross with prediction methods:

Lottery prediction follows the mute head and the mute ass

  • If the first 6 numbers are skewed, the probability will be 06 – 66.
  • If the first number is 5 or 3, the probability is 53 – 35 – 67 – 43.
  • If the first number is 1 or 2, the number 80 – 60 – 90 will be returned.
  • If the first bet is a 7, the skewed lottery will return to the numbers 70 – 57.
  • The first 4 numbers are skewed to highlight the numbers 45 – 48 – 80.

Looking for money to remember

  • If today’s lottery number is 23 – 32 – 56, the next day it will be 34 – 43 – 24.
  • Today’s lottery numbers will be 55 – 79 – 97, tomorrow’s numbers will be 78 – 18 – 28.
  • If today’s lottery number is 72 – 96 – 69, the next day it is likely to be 99-06-60.
  • If you see today the question is 81 – 62 – 26, surely the next day the question will be 88 – 78 – 69.
  • If you play the lottery and see numbers 23 – 32 -56, maybe the next day the numbers will be 78-67-90.

Check lottery numbers through dreams

In addition to learning the above methods of cross-lotting and how much a 3-way bet will win, you can also predict the number of cross-lotteries that will come out through your dreams. From your dreams every day, you can have a few reasonable lottery predictions. Each dream brings many different numbers, these numbers are actually very accurate, more than the scientific way of predicting the lottery.


Above is information about what a 3-way lottery is and how much it costs to win a 3-way lottery. This information is shared from experts at New88. From there, I hope you can find a reasonable way to calculate parlay play and get the most suitable prediction method for yourself. Good luck to you.

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