How to Play International Standard Scratch Cards for All Players

How to play scratch cards is actually not difficult, you just need to grasp the basic information. Combining these things with the experience of calculating and betting from predecessors will bring extremely high efficiency. The specific content of these will be casino New888 mentioned below.

General introduction to scratch cards

Before going into details about how to play scratch cards, we need to briefly understand this game. Scratch cards are a very popular game at casinos as well as online betting platforms under many different names such as three-card scratch, lien scratch,…

This game is a combination of Western Poker and traditional Vietnamese 3-card. So some documents or new people often confuse it with these games. You can simply understand that the scoring method of scratch cards is similar to 3 cards and re-betting is like poker.

This point has created a closeness that helps new players easily get acquainted. Currently, the game is available on most online betting portals. But they all have the same gameplay, just different in interface and payout rate of each facility.

Instructions on how to play scratch cards from A – Z for new players

To know how to play scratch cards most effectively, you first need to understand some general information such as division rules, betting and scoring. We will provide these in detail below.

General rules of the game

A scratch card game has 2 – 6 participants and is dealt three cards. The first turn will start from the winner of the previous game or chosen by the system. This bettor places a certain amount of money and the brothers behind him will play based on that.

Those behind can choose to raise, call, all-in or fold. The game will continue like this until all 4 rounds are over or there is only 1 player left. In case the turn ends and there are still more than 2 people left, they will turn over the cards to calculate points. The brother with the highest score will win and receive all the money at the table.

Rules for playing scratch cards

How to play scratch cards requires you to make commands such as raise, call, go all in or stop betting when it’s your turn. The meaning and rules of each of these actions are specifically as follows:

  • Follow: You bet an amount equal to the previous person’s to continue the game.
  • Pro: You bet a larger amount than the person in front. And those behind, if they want to follow, will have to spend a similar amount.
  • All in: You bet all the money you have on the table.
  • Set/fold/stop betting: Action taken when the bettor sees that his or her hand is too weak and does not want to lose more money. When choosing this order, you will lose the right to continue playing and will lose all bets.

If you play online and at the end of the time you still do not give your order, it will be considered a fold. At that time, the penalty is the same as when actively stopping playing.

How to calculate points

When playing scratch cards, you will not be able to avoid having to count points to determine the results. Then, you will have to rely on the following rules:

  • The pieces bearing numbers from 2 – 9 will be converted to corresponding points.
  • Piece A counts only 1 point.
  • 10, J, Q, K are all considered 0 points.
  • When two people have equal scores, the suit of the highest card will be considered in the order of hearts > diamonds > spades > clubs. If their qualities are the same, compare the values ​​in a sequence from smallest to largest: 3, 4, 5, 6,…, 10, J, Q, K, A.

Special case

In some cases, three cards can form special sets in which the comparisons will be specifically different as follows:
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  • Wax: Set of 3 cards of the same value and compared based on the value of the cards.
  • Lieng: Sets of 3 cards forming a consecutive sequence are compared in order of highest Lieng QKA to smallest A23. If two players have equal sets, quality will be considered.
  • Photo: Set created from any 3 cards J, Q, K and compared based on the value of the cards. If they are equal, then consider the suits in the order of hearts > diamonds > spades > hearts.

Share how to play high cards from veteran players

How to play scratch cards New88 Effectiveness is a combination of the above rules with experiences shared by experts such as:

  • Observe your opponent’s raising and calling actions to determine the number of points they have.
  • Be flexible when raising and calling even if your cards are not big to deceive your opponents and make them afraid and fold.
  • When you see your opponent confident and betting big but your score is small, it’s best to stop playing to avoid losing too much.
  • Consider carefully before betting everything because you could lose everything.

Through the above content, surely you already know how to play standard scratch cards with the highest efficiency. But to increase your winning rate and chances of receiving rewards, you still need to combine it with regular training and improve your experience.

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