These are the 5 ways HITRUST prevents breaches

The rate at which healthcare data is being hacked is alarming, much more than you might think. In fact, these cases have increased in recent years. It is now over 712, an increase of 642 in the previous year.

The January 2022 data was published. It states that the United States had the highest number of large-scale data breaches. This has resulted in the loss of more than 500 records by 2021. The same statistics show that healthcare data breaches are becoming more common.

How can organizations address this problem? This is where HITRUST protection steps in.


HITRUST is the acronym for Health Information Trust Alliance and was established in 2007. It provides a comprehensive and transparent security platform that is accessible to healthcare organizations. It was developed by IT and healthcare professionals to address information security concerns.

The HITRUST Common Safety Framework (CSF), provides a solid and comprehensive framework. It provides controls that allow for the handling of many healthcare information.

CSF is based upon HIPAA and HITECH Act, US healthcare legislation, that specify requirements for use, disclosure and preservation of personally identifiable health information. Noncompliance is subject to severe penalties. CSF adheres to all regulations, not just federal and state laws, but also other standards and compliance organisations.

HITRUST aims to fill in the gaps created by regulations such as HIPAA. HIPAA compliant entities comply with HIPAA guidelines to protect customers’ data. HITRUST is a more comprehensive framework that HIPAA provides for privacy and security in healthcare. It establishes specific business practices and systems, and certifies their implementation.

The site is visited by an independent third party who examines, interviews, and validates evidence of compliance and proper implementation. Three types of HITRUST assessments can be performed for healthcare organizations:

HITRUST Self-Assessment

Validation of HITRUST CSF

HITRUST CSF Certificate

Each type of the above mentioned types has a different goal and uses a different methodology. It is important to understand them before you adopt.

5 Ways HITRUST Prevents Breaches

It is not necessary to have HITRUST certification. You should not share sensitive information with vendors or other parties. You don’t want another data breach. Here are some ways that HITRUST can prevent breaches

Defense Against Attacks

Data breaches are most often caused by hackers’ malicious and planned attacks. Ransomware is an extremely common tool in hacker’s arsenal. Ransomware is a malicious program that prevents you from accessing a computer or parts of it until you pay a ransom. Even if payment has been made, safe recovery cannot be guaranteed. Even worse than traditional ransoms

Ransomware is becoming more popular as cybercrime continues to rise. Networks are constantly under attack. There must be something done. HITRUST examines the causes and mechanisms behind breaches. It then addresses the processes and offers security solutions that limit exposure and risk.

Prevents Data Leaks

Because they are developed by IT and healthcare professionals, HITRUST is extremely relevant for medical practices. They have an interest in ensuring the highest levels of security for healthcare information. It is more than just a breach of protected healthcare information PHI. It can cost businesses money, time, and reputation. Each year, millions of dollars are spent on repairs, fines and penalties for the loss of patient data.

Criminals may be able to obtain medical treatment under the victims’ names. This could lead to the victim being held liable for any copayments and possibly changing their records. HITRUST provides rigorous controls that assist organizations in identifying and preventing compliance issues.

HITRUST developed a De-Identification Framework. This framework promotes patient privacy and innovation while facilitating the correct use of healthcare data.

Promoting Transparency

The HITRUST CSF (Comprehensive Security Framework), is a standard strategy for reducing information security threats to healthcare organizations. A business can inform another entity that it has been HITRUST-certified so that they can feel confident about the level of information security used. CSF allows one company to easily understand and verify the status of another company in terms of security for healthcare information security.

HITRUST can also provide a third-party audit to verify that the organization meets the CSF certification requirements. This is a way for healthcare providers to ensure they are working with trusted vendors in order to minimize risk. This attestation is a proof that the organization is secure and compliant.

Ensuring Industry-Wide Reliability

HIPAA provides a solid foundation. HIPAA is a great foundation.

For example, the HITRUST CSF Certificate. This is the best information assurance report available. It is possible because of the consistency and transparency in the selections of controls.

Both qualified third-party assessors as well as the HITRUST assurance, quality and scoring teams assisted in scoring and confirming controls. To provide high levels of assurance, the assurance process must be thorough.

Increasing Trust

The name of HITRUST contains all the information you need about it. Current media reports about data breaches undermine consumers’ trust in the handling and protection of their PHI.

Therefore, companies must be able to trust vendors. Consumers must trust healthcare providers. Members must also trust their insurance carriers. HITRUST allows companies to verify the accuracy of their information and also gives them the opportunity to trust their business partners.


The HITRUST process can be time-consuming, and requires planning and preparation. However, it can provide clients and partners with peace of mind that your company has taken all necessary precautions to protect the sensitive data you hold.

A HITRUST External Assessor Organization can meet all your compliance requirements. For more information about our HITRUST Certification and Audit services, contact them.

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