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India is one the most developed countries in the globe. Many people wish to visit India to do business or travel. Indian citizens can apply for an Indian visa to travel to India from any of the 189 countries. You can also apply online for visas so that you don’t need to visit the consulate or embassy in person. It is easier to obtain a visa. You can apply online via Vagina to receive your visa via e-mail.

How can a Belgian citizen apply for an Indian e-visa

Indian visa available to Belgian citizens The process started in 2014. This process is not paper-based and Belgian citizens don’t need to fill out any paperwork. Indian e-visa is available to Indian citizens if they wish to travel to India. Indian e-visas are valid documents for Indian nationals who wish to travel to India for medical visits, tourism, workshops, or for any other purpose. This new Indian e-Visa process is exciting. Before applying for a visa, travelers should be familiar with each type of visa and take the time to understand it. These are the requirements to apply for an Indian visa, for Belgian citizens:

Your full name

A valid email

Information about credit/debit cards

Passport details

To apply for an Indian tourist visa, you must have certain personal qualifications. These qualifications are required:

All applicants need a passport valid for at least 6 months

To not be involved in criminal activities

E-tourists can only apply for visas twice per year.

Parents can’t involve their children in the EVISA application.

This EVISA can be used for up to 90 consecutive days

Indian e-visa application to Italian citizens

Indian visas for Italian citizens are available online. Indian visas for Italian citizens are available electronically starting in 2014. For business or travel reasons, Indian citizens can travel to India from Italy. Before applying for a visa, travelers should be familiar with and fully understand each type of visa. Here’s everything you need to know about applying:

Full name

A valid email

Information about credit/debit cards

Passport details

You must also be an Italian citizen.

Italian citizens are subject to restrictions on Indian e-visas

Indian Visa Online has certain limitations:

It is illegal for Italian citizens to work in India in the fields of journalism, filmmaking, or long-term payments in IVISA India.

India Visa Online (IVISA India), does not permit visits to military and cantonment areas.

To travel to these areas protected by the Government of India, you will need separate permission.


You can visit India if you comply with Indian laws and regulations. There are many scenic and beautiful places such as the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Chhatarpur Temple. There are many sights to see. You can also see many sights if you are there for a purpose.

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