Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics: Challenges to Developers and Investors

Current trends in the market for AI for Business Analytics are positive and supported by most leaders of companies who are willing to increase their investment in this area. Positive attitudes towards AI are associated with improved business processes, efficiency, capitalization of logistics and production as well as consumer service. Are large corporations only allowed to use AI in international markets? What areas is AI technology helping companies to build successful business plans? This article will provide the answers.

How global actors are using AI tools

There are many options available for introducing AI to Business Analytics. Data Robot or Alteryx are two examples of tools that provide Business Analysts with an easy interface to increase employee productivity. These solutions enable specialists to save and catalogue data in a format that is universally applicable and easy for AI algorithms to process so they can make the right decisions in the future.

Nvidia and Amazon are the top players in the AI market Business Analytics. Popular products include Dataiku and Data Splunk as well as and Modzy. Microsoft offers many applications to its cloud platform Azure. These are considered mission-critical by the vendor. They use AI to perform data analysis, such as search and verification, and work with cloud storage.

What other companies are doing with AI

It sounds simple when big online retailers like Amazon, AliExpress and eBay order data processing via AI models. Companies that aren’t in the high-tech sector or who don’t consider data a priority use AI for data analysis and strategic planning. Let’s take a look at a few examples to answer the question.

Restaurant businesses

Machine Learning algorithms are used by restaurant businesses to analyze electronic orders, predict demand dynamics, and increase service speed. Domino’s Pizza optimized a number its processes using the NVIDIA DGX-1 Server, an integrated computer appliance for Deep Learning and a Machine Learning operational platforms (MLOP – Datatron). This allows you to monitor and adjust the performance of your models in real time.

These technologies have allowed the chain to improve its branch and online operations, provide better client service and distribute orders more efficiently. A self-learning delivery forecasting system, which has been trained on five million orders can accurately predict when an order is due. The model considers the order parameters and the service department. This includes the number of clients, employees, managers and managers who have placed an order. The power of powerful servers has reduced the time it takes to train the model, improved order prediction accuracy by 75% to 95% and simplified data exchange between departments.

The following advice was given by Zachary Fragoso (Data Science and AI Manager at Domino’s) regarding the use of AI technologies in a business setting:

Think about how your data scientists can work together and collaborate. Our data scientists and the DGX-1 are working together in a shared workspace. This was something our team didn’t consider when we acquired the product. It has been a great value .”

Satellite map generation

The platform is an example of a remarkable application of AI tools to data analysis. It also uses NVIDIA Drive Sim technology to create 3D satellite maps of the planet.

Government agencies use satellite imagery information to determine the size of buildings using visible elements of ventilation systems. Government agencies, private companies and insurance organizations can also benefit from the analysis of seismic data and locations that are subject to frequent flooding and tsunamis. This helps them calculate damage amounts and risk structures.

Businesses and individuals can make crucial decisions with semantic reconstruction of analysis results. Images were previously processed manually to give visual information and explanations. AI algorithms now do this quickly, providing the required semantic decoding.

can use 3D models to help make technological forecasts for cellular firms based on analysis of terrain and landscape elements. They analyze the coverage area and engineering costs to determine the best ROI for placing 3G, 5G and 4G towers.


Analytics of large quantities of medical data are a high-demand service for healthcare providers who work with large numbers of patients. We will use GlobalSNS, which was developed under the AID–Tes brand, as an example of AI technologies that are helping to combat the coronavirus pandemic. This project is for Israeli clinics using PCR instruments to perform Covid tests.

These files are then imported into the system and analysed by a shape detector and a bias detector. The slope checker is used to normalize the data. The data are then passed to the Ct controller, the threshold value calculator, and, if it is possible, the system calculates the value by passing the value to the result interpreter. After comparing the data with control samples, the built-in validater checks for accuracy. The interpreter then gives an evaluation of the test result, such as positive, weak, negative, invalid or requires a reevaluation.

Mark Malko is a Business Analyst at Andersen who is also a member of the solution team.

The product is being used in Israeli clinics. It makes it easier to interpret test results quickly and accurately (previously it was done by laboratory staff). This means that there are fewer people involved. The clinic quickly completes the work, so patients are promptly informed about the results .”. This reduces the chance of infectionem>


McKinsey’s analysis clearly shows the impact of AI systems on performance indicators for banking services.


Predictive modeling and AI tools for business analysis are in high demand by both small and large companies. While some applications and services have reached the commercial stage, others are still in the pilot phase. Businesses that want to improve the performance of their processes will need to invest in these new projects.

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