Consider these things when buying fresh prawns online

As a result, many of us have been introduced to supermarket delivery. It’s not surprising that frozen seafood delivery still seems strange to many. Is it not true that shellfish and fish are meant to be fresh? Yes, indeed! Yes, it is! Frozen seafood is usually fresher than refrigerated seafood and it is easy to order online. Let’s take a look at some things before you order fresh prawns online from Australia.

Frozen fish can be a great option for weekday meals if you plan ahead.

Preparing meals and planning your meals can make your life easier and save you money. You can only plan for fresh fish.

Try different frozen fish options before you make a decision

There is no reason to limit your choices to frozen options at your local supermarket. There are many options available online for buying delicious, responsibly sourced fish.

Because you can sample seafood you might not have otherwise, boxes are a great way to enjoy them. However, they are savvy shoppers and good eaters. This eliminates the need to research and decide what you should buy.

White fish lovers: While many subscription boxes include Sitka salmon, this box is focused on white fish, such as halibut and black cod. All Sitka products are caught, frozen, and packaged on-site by local fishermen in Sitka (Alaska). You’re not only supporting sustainable seafood but also a small, local economy. You can try it for a month, or you can sign up for an annual membership to save 10%. (, starting at $136/month).

What do you do with the prawns that you bought online?

Prawns are great for making delicious curries, fries, or salads. Prawns can be cooked quickly if you don’t want them to dry out. For a more traditional, coastal version of prawns, simmer them in a coconut-based sauce. As a side dish, you can make Kerala fried Prawns or sriracha-prawns. For a delicious dinner, pulaos or biryanis can also be prepared with prawns.

Do you need to clean prawns bought online?

Licious prawns arrive clean and without the tail and head. They have been prepared for marinating and have been already deveined. They are juicy and flavorful and can be put in the pan. You can marinate our delicious chunks of meat for a tasty snack or dinner. You can also make a quick prawn pizza or a chunky spread of prawns if you are short on time.

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If you have never purchased prawns from an online market or online wet market, it is important to understand the differences between shrimps and prawns. They can however be used interchangeably in the kitchen. Prawns are slightly sweeter than shrimp. Prawns are meatier than shrimp, and they aren’t quite as soft.

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