Top Reasons Cannabis Consumers Love Taco Bell

It is no secret that after smoking a little pot, you might feel the munchies. But where should you go? One survey of 1,000 stoners found that 20% of them went to Taco Bell.

McDonald’s came in second at 9.1%, closely followed by Chipotle at 6% and IHOP at 6.6%.

What makes Taco Bell so special for stoners?

This popularity can be attributed to many reasons.

Perhaps the best reason to go is the menu. Taco Bell has a wide range of familiar ingredients that you can customize to your liking. You can also order several orders to satisfy your hunger pangs.

It is also excellent in terms of food quality. Although Taco Bell is not worthy of a Michelin star for its fast-casual Tex-Mex cuisine, they do offer a good option.

You can also visit these locations anytime of the day, which makes it convenient. It’s not necessary to travel far to find a Taco Bell location. There are likely to be a Taco Bell in your area if you live in the city. However, you should just walk to it. Driving while impaired is not cool.

The atmosphere at Taco Bell has been great. Even when you have an uncontrollable laughter fit, no one is judgmental at Taco Bell. Your fellow patrons will not be offended, nor will the employees. Everyone is friendly and warm.

What should you order?

You can experiment with your order if you feel the munchies. It should be treated as an art form. Many creative minds have sipped cannabis. Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan, Hunter S. Thompson, as well as computer nerds such Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and others, have enjoyed cannabis. Even Carl Sagan was a fan of marijuana.

It’s possible, however, that you simply want something quick and simple, and Taco Bell can provide that. Ask for any of these:

Crunchwrap Supreme

This is the most popular choice for cannabis consumers. A Crunchwrap Superior costs around 4 dollars, making it easy on your wallet. You can choose from grilled chicken, seasoned beef or black beans as fillings. You can also add the tomatoes, lettuce and nacho cheese sauce.

It is delicious and can be held with one hand. It will remind you of the Millennium Falcon when you hold it. This might lead to some laughs when you think back to the comedy movies that came after the original trilogy.

Cheesy Gordita Crunch

The soft flatbread is covered with melted cheese and then used to cover the taco shell. You can then fill it with seasoned beef. However, you could also use grilled chicken or black bean instead. Next, add the 3-cheese mixture, cheddar cheese and lettuce to your dish. Finally, drizzle some cali ranch sauce over it.

Relax, enjoy, and sit back.

Chalupa Supreme

It’s a win-win situation when you can offer a meal that is both delicious and healthy for vegetarians and meat-eaters. This can be grilled chicken or seasoned beef, but you can also choose black beans. You can also add tomatoes, lettuce, sourcream, and the 3-cheese mix.

It is flaky and crisp on the outside and soft and chewy inside. It is unique because of its thick and soft shell. It’s comfort food for all ages, thanks to its familiar flavors.

Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco

After you have tried the salty, cheesy Doritos as a replacement for the hard shell, there is no turning back. This shell will be a favorite. This is not to mention all the delicious ingredients. They all make for one delicious snack.

Cinnamon Twists

This is a must-have product. You only need to order two or three orders so that you can have one of these delicious meals when you return home. If you have friends with you, they will want to try it too.

Quesadilla Chicken

For some real, you can have chicken drenched in cheese and creamy jalapeno. It tastes great, but it’s worth making it a Supreme for a little more. This will get you diced tomatoes and sour cream.

Last words

A sober friend can drive you to Taco Bell if you are under the influence. You can even have it delivered. You can relax and wait while you wait. You can watch Galaxy Quest while you wait so that you don’t miss any of the fun.

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