The Best Way to Play Sic Bo Online and Winning Betting Tips

How to play Sic Bo online is currently a highly searched topic on entertainment forums. The reason is because this game not only has an irresistible appeal with outstanding excitement, but is also a perfect choice for you to make millions every day. So if you want to satisfy your passion for betting and win big, learn tips fromĀ  New88today experts right away.

Introduction to Sic Bo game

Tai Xiu is known as a game with the largest number of participants in casinos and is also known as Sicbo. Simply put, this is a type of prize-winning entertainment where the bettor’s task is to accurately predict the results of the dice.

In general, playing Sic Bo online is not complicated, but it requires players to have accurate analysis and judgment if they want to win big wins. What’s more special is that this casino masterpiece is growing worldwide as well as receiving great love from millions of betting enthusiasts.

As for the origin, Sic Bo is a folk game in China. Since being introduced to many other countries since the twentieth century, it has truly created a strong wave that has swept the entire entertainment market. Today, combined with the rapid development of technology and changes in bettors’ tastes, playing Sic Bo online has gradually become much more popular.

Instructions on how to play Sic Bo online

As mentioned above, the rules of Sic Bo are very easy to understand and easy to imagine, mainly revolving around you predicting and placing bets on numbers that are likely to appear. But first, bettors need to know that there will be no limit on the number of members participating in a bet.

Besides, according toHow to play Sic Bo online The dealer will prepare 3 dice with 6 sides each, each side marked with 1 – 6 dots. Next, you will have 20 seconds to predict and start betting the desired amount on any door. But at this time, members should really consider and think carefully because there are many different forms of betting to choose from.

Immediately after the end of the betting time, the system will automatically shake the dice and announce the results immediately afterwards. In case the number of points calculated on the 3 faces of the dice matches the bet you placed, it is considered a win and the prize will be distributed. On the contrary, according to the rules of betting, players will lose their entire initial capital if they choose incorrectly.

Summary of attractive forms of betting in Sic Bo

When considering how to play the Over/Under game, new players should not ignore the most common bets. Because this is the important factor that determines your winning or losing results. Details are as follows:

How to play Sic Bo online at Over and Under

Over – Under or Over – Under is the most basic and simplest bet, suitable for newbies who do not have too much experience. In particular, players will have a 50% chance of winning with a 1:1 payout ratio. Specifically:

  • Set Over when you predict the total score of the 3 dice ranges from 11 to 17 points.
  • On the contrary, bet Under when you think the result will be in the range of 4 – 10 points.

Odd and even bets

How to play Sic Bo online with odd even bets also gained a lot of attention from a large number of bettors. Similar to Over/Under betting, this bet will also give you a 50% chance of winning with a 1:1 payout ratio. There will be the following 2 options:

  • Bet even when predicting the total score is an even number, i.e. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16.
  • Bet odd if you believe the score will fall into odd numbers, including 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17.

Double and triple bets

In playing Sic Bo online, there is another form of betting that is equally popular: doubles and triples. Although this type of bet has a much lower winning rate than Over/Under or Odd Even, in return it has a payout that is 2 times higher with doubles and 3 times higher with triples. These include the following rules:

  • Double bet when predicting that 2 out of 3 dice will appear with a certain value.
  • The way to play Sic Bo online with a trio is to bet on this bet if you think all three dice have the same result.

Single door bet

The way to play Sic Bo online with single bets is much simpler because the bettor only needs to place money on any specific number that will appear on 1 of the 3 up faces of the dice. With this form of betting, depending on the bookmaker, there will be different payouts.
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How to play Sic Bo online betting on total points

Total score betting is one of the forms of betting with the highest payout ratio up to 1:50 in over/under games. At this time, the bettor is forced to predict the exact total score of the 3 face-up dice ranging from 4 – 17. So to easily win when betting on the total, participants are required to understand the most accurate way to predict the numbers. .

Sharing some of the best ways to play Sic Bo that always win

Understanding how to play Sic Bo online is not enough. Instead, you must also memorize the following effective betting tips to achieve the best results:

Prioritize playing at crowded tables

The first betting experience that bettors should not miss is to prioritize participating in betting tables with many members. This way of always winning online Sic Bo not only creates conditions to easily bet on experts but also helps you learn many other good strategies from experts.

Do not place continuously on one door

Among the top effective ways to play Sic Bo online is also minimizing continuous betting on one door. Although prioritizing only one form of betting is also the correct playing method, it only really works in a few specific cases. Instead, the best way to win is to be creative and flexible when choosing bets.

So to get the best results, you need to really pay attention to the reward rate of each game. At the same time, it is calculating as well as knowing how to intelligently apply each individual strategy. Only that will increase the probability of winning big money.

Prepare full betting capital

When you step into a casino and have a budget deficit, it will certainly affect the player’s psychology more or less. From there, it is difficult to maintain the strategy long-term and ultimately leads to missing many reward opportunities. Therefore, the most appropriate way to play Sic Bo online is to prepare enough capital and it is important that bettors know how to balance and adjust their bets appropriately.

Article from New88 The above has shared with new players all the most accurate ways to play Sic Bo online and includes effective betting experiences. So to bring in many victories, bettors should not forget to cultivate themselves with many other good tips from experts.

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