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West Palm Beach residents should be on the lookout for commercial trucks

West Palm Beach is paradise for some. You can retire there and get up every day to go swimming or sit on the beach. Sip a drink poolside while you watch the sun slowly sink below the horizon.

You might think about moving to West Palm Beach if this sounds like your life. If you don’t have the funds to buy a house, West Palm Beach offers many condos and apartments.

You must be aware of potential dangers in West Palm Beach, as you would anywhere else. There are always dangers, even paradise. In West Palm Beach you can place commercial trucks at the top of that list. In the next article, we’ll discuss why West Palm Beach residents need to be aware of these large vehicles.

Florida is home to many big truck accidents every year

Florida had 510,000 large truck accidents in 2019. Each year, it might be a similar amount. It’s not a small number. If you look at the statistics on vehicle crashes, other states aren’t even close.

Why are so many truck accidents involving commercial trucks in Florida and West Palm Beach? There are many reasons to consider, rather than one.

Sidewalks are not enough

You might be surprised at how few sidewalks there are in Florida and West Palm Beach. Florida isn’t exactly pedestrian-friendly.

You might not have enough sidewalks to protect you if you are trying to walk in West Palm Beach or you prefer to use a bike, skateboard or motorized scooter. You might need to use a busy road if you are unable to use a sidewalk but still want to go to the grocery store or pick up new clothes.

You might come across a large commercial 18-wheeler truck if you have to walk or cycle on a highway or major thoroughfare. You might be hit by a driver who doesn’t see you. It’s best to hope this never happens, but it does happen sometimes.

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Driver Intoxication or Fatigue

West Palm Beach accidents can sometimes be caused by driver fatigue or intoxication. You might be walking, cycling or driving along the roadside. Or maybe you are in your car heading to work or another place. A commercial truck may be visible. It is heavier and larger than your car so you should keep an eye out for it.

Even though you should be cautious around large trucks, you don’t know what the driver is thinking or feeling. Commercial truck drivers may stay in Florida and drive loads between cities. They might drive through the panhandle, but never travel further.

Others may drive loads from Florida to Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio or other states. They might drop off their loads hundreds of miles away and then pick up another load to return.

The trip could take several days or even hours. It is important that the driver stops to rest and doesn’t drive too fast. There are laws that require truck drivers to stop and rest every so often, but drivers might disregard them if they feel they can drive longer if they are in a rush.

It’s possible that a commercial truck driver doesn’t get enough sleep. If they do, it’s easy to see them striking a pedestrian, cyclist or smaller vehicle. Truck drivers might also take amphetamines and other drugs to keep them awake. These drugs can slow down their reaction times and make it difficult for them to stop quickly if they’re close by.

Drivers might drink alcohol behind the wheel, or before they start their day. Sometimes, problem drinkers can keep their jobs for many months or even years without anyone being aware. You might be the unfortunate pedestrian or driver who is finally hit by one of these truckers.

Road Rage

Commercial truck accidents can also be caused by road rage in West Palm Beach or elsewhere in Florida. Truck drivers are just like everybody else. They might be able to control their anger, or you may catch them on the wrong day.

You might have accidentally hit one of these huge vehicles while you were driving. Although you didn’t intend to, suddenly traffic patterns change and you must swerve to avoid another car veering into your lanes.

You might get a stern look from the commercial truck in front of you, or an angry honk.

However, if you are angry at a trucker, they may give your car a love tap in order to express their feelings.

You must report any such incidents to the authorities. The trucker may pull over, but they might keep going and not give the accident another thought.

You should make sure you have their license plate number. If the accident caused you injury, you may be required to appear in court. You may experience discomfort for several weeks or even months after sustaining a minor injury from contact with another vehicle.

What can you do to avoid commercial truck collisions in West Palm Beach

Residents of West Palm Beach must drive occasionally. However, you can walk or cycle anywhere you like, even if there isn’t a sidewalk nearby. These big commercial trucks are a danger when you’re out. These trucks are easily spotted and much more visible than any other vehicle.

If you are walking or biking and see one approaching, you should get off the road. If you are driving and you see one coming towards you, get out of the way.

You will be fine if you keep your distance. You can only hope that one of these trucks doesn’t hit you. You can report the hit-and run to the police if it doesn’t.

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